What can I do with a masters degree in Gerontology?

Don’t worry. We get asked this question a lot.

Professionals in the field of aging work in a variety of settings, including community and service organizations, long-term care institutions, hospitals, governmental agencies, academic settings, and research organizations. Some professionals work directly with older adults, while others work as educators and researchers in the field of aging. They can be focused strictly on aging studies or divided between aging and other interests in disciplinary, professional, or clinical areas.

Career activities may include:

  • Developing programs for health promotion, intergenerational activities, and leisure for older adults
  • Providing direct care to frail, ill, or impaired older adults in hospitals, nursing homes, or at home
  • Conducting research on the aging process and various diseases associated with aging
  • Planning, executing and evaluating community-based services for older adults
  • Advocating with or on behalf of older adults before legislative bodies or in institutional settings
  • Advising business, industry, and labor regarding older workers and consumers
  • Assessing psychological and clinical needs

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