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Gerontology Specialty Tracks

What is this program?

The University of Florida’s MS in gerontology addresses the need for skilled professionals to care for the growing population of the elderly. This unique program offers students three specialty tracks in geriatric care management, geropsychology, and medical physiology to help them pursue careers they are passionate about.

Why this gerontology program?

UF’s online gerontology graduate program offers interactive and asynchronous courses with flexible schedules.

No clinical experience is required to apply.

A Growing Field – With more than 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day, the elder care industry is severely underprepared for the influx of seniors in need of assisted and long-term care. This is a rapidly growing field with many career opportunities.

Practical Requirements – To apply, students need a bachelor’s degree in any subject from a regionally accredited university. With no clinical experience required, the program empowers more students to make the life-changing decision to enter the rewarding field of gerontology.

Diverse Courses – The University of Florida’s Institute of Aging has expanded its coursework to provide students with greater depth and broader opportunities as post-graduates. Students can choose to specialize in geriatric care management or geropsychology, or complete a general degree in gerontology to take electives from each track.

Who can benefit from this program?

Applicants with a degree in a health or social service–related discipline are most successful, but a bachelor’s degree in any subject from a regionally accredited university is the minimum requirement to apply. Clinical experience is not required to apply.

Students acquire the skills and the experience to help them pursue leadership positions at assisted living facilities and home health care agencies.

What will you learn?

The program offers three specialty tracks:

Geriatric care management gives students the foundations for providing health, social, and psychological services to the elderly. With a strong focus on caregiver and client assessments, students will learn how to develop care plans and coordinate the plan with the client’s family. The course prepares professionals for careers in assisted living facilities and in-home care.

Geropsychology prepares students for both clinical and psychological assessment of seniors. It delves into contemporary theories of normal cognitive aging as well as the cognitive neuroscience for mental health in the elderly. Students will be able to use this educational foundation to develop client care plans that address both physical and mental health, as well as coordinating treatment with the client’s family.

Medical Physiology provides students with the fundamentals of medical physiology with a strong focus on each body system. In conjunction with other gerontology programming, students will be able to better understand the clinical complexities of geriatric care. The courses prepare students for a growing population of elderly and aging people with increased medical needs.

Specialty tracks are only available to master’s degree students. To earn the master’s degree, students must complete nine core courses and two specialty courses in their chosen specialization. If a graduate certificate student wishes to complete a specialty track, they are encouraged to later apply to the master’s degree program.

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