GMS 6410 Physiology of Circulation of Blood

  • Course Number: 6410
  • Credits: 3
  • Course Format: This online course is tailored for asynchronous distance learners.
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Course Description

This is an advanced graduate class, also suitable for postdoctoral students, which will expose students to in‐depth discussion and understanding of several aspects of cardiovascular function, as follows: Control of cardiac development; vascular and microvascular function; baroreflex and chemoreflex control of the circulation; role of the kidney and central nervous systems in cardiovascular regulation; the maternal and fetal circulation in normal pregnancy; use of gene therapy tools in cardiovascular research.

Course Goals

The cardiovascular system provides supplies the vital organs with blood and is under complex control. This course explores: 1) How the heart develops 2) Heterogeneity of structure and function in the vasculature. 3) The baroreflex and chemoreflex control of the circulation. 4) How the kidney and the brain both exert long term influence on cardiovascular function. 5) The maternal and fetal cardiovascular adaptations during a normal pregnancy. 6) Use of gene therapy in cardiovascular research.