GMS 6771 Clinical Neuroscience of Aging

  • Course Number: 6771
  • Credits: 3
  • Course Format: This online course is tailored for asynchronous distance learners.
  • Course Syllabus: Download

Course Description

 Clinical Neuroscience of Aging will be taught using a clinical science approach that examines the relationship between aging and change in the cognitive and central nervous system, such as the brain, as they relate to clinical disorders. Overviews of modern clinical neuroscience methodology, clinical assessment, intervention strategies, functional neuroanatomy, and major cognitive systems will serve as a foundation for students’ understanding of how the human brain changes with age and how these changes affect brain function. Discussion of major research articles and issues critical to the clinical neuroscience of aging will be used to develop “critical thinking” skills. 

Course Goals

The goals of the course are three-fold: (1) to provide a foundation of the fundamental concepts and terminology of the clinical neuroscience of aging; (2) to understand how cognitive and brain function change with age; and (3) promote critical thinking about the clinical consequences of brain aging.