Our Programs

Our Online Master’s Program in Gerontology offers more flexibility.

You can earn your MS in gerontology through the Department of Aging and Geriatric Research. This unique program offers working professionals the flexibility they need to continue their education without having to pause their career.

Our program is typically completed within two years and there is no prior clinical experience required to apply and succeed.

The online master’s program offers you a comprehensive and personalized curriculum in gerontology. Three specialty tracks including Geriatric Care Management, Psychosocial Gerontology, and Medical Physiology cover clinical, physiological, epidemiological, sociological, and psychological approaches.

The current health care environment is ever-changing. Whether you are currently working in a health-related field or not, this program can give you the knowledge and experience you need to obtain new career opportunities in the exploding fields of gerontology and geriatric care.

We also offer a Graduate Certificate.

Our online graduate certificate in Aging and Geriatric Practice provides a rich experience and foundation in aging and geriatric medicine. As with our master’s program, no clinical experience is necessary and you can apply year-round.

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