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Required Courses

GMS 6483 - Theories of Aging
GMS 6484 - Geriatric and Age Related Diseases
GMS 6099 - Research Methods in Gerontology
GMS 6876 - Law and Ethics of Aging
GMS 6486 - Biology of Aging
GMS 6771 - Clinical Neuroscience of Aging
GMS 6485 - Population-Based Research on Aging
GMS 6715 - Healthy Aging: Behavioral and Clinical Outcomes
GMS 6717 - Healthy Aging: Biological Outcomes


Master’s degree students must take a minimum of three electives to complete their degree. The University of Florida offers three specialty tracks for students who are interested in geriatric care management, gero nursing, and geropsychology. Visit the Specialty Tracks page for more information.

GMS 6487 - Anti-Aging Interventions
GEY 6220 - Overview of Geriatric Management
GEY 6306 - Communication in the Aging Network: Family Systems & Care Planning
GEY 5935 - Ethical, Legal, & Business Aspects of GCM (Instructor – Keith Meneskie)
GEY 6646 - Issues & Concepts in Gerontology (Community Resources for Geriatric Care)
Leading Quality Improvement Practice Initiatives
Special Topics: Psychotherapy with Older Adults; Very Late Life; Neurocognition, in Aging; Neuropsychology of Aging

Medical Physiology Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate is a way to gain practical knowledge for careers in the medical field. It is a postgraduate program in that students must have a bachelor’s degree in order to be admitted. However, it differs from a master’s degree because it can be completed in just one semester, and it is mainly focused on medical or graduate school preparation. This certificate also prepares students for the MCAT and other similar exams, as well as National Board examinations.

GMS 6440 - Fundamentals of Medical Physiology
GMS 6401 - Medical Renal Physiology
GMS 6402 - Medical Respiration Physiology
GMS 6419 - Medical Endocrinology and Reproduction
GMS 6474 - Medical Cardiovascular and Muscle Physiology
GMS 6479 - Medical Gastrointestinal Physiology

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