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Anti-Aging Interventions

Course Description

Aging is a complex process determined by both genetic and environmental factors. By manipulating these aging-related factors, researchers have been able to extend lifespan and healthspan in lab animals. This course is mainly focused on the current and emerging interventions to promote human lifespan and healthspan. In this course, learners will learn both general knowledge and mechanistic insights into these anti-aging interventions.

Course Goals:

The goals of the course are to: (1) understand the concept of lifespan modulation by both intrinsic and extrinsic factors; (2) appreciate important environmental factors involved in human aging; and (3) promote critical thinking of clinical implications of environmental interventions for age-associated conditions

Course Topics

Module Topic
Module 1 Overview of aging-related environmental factors
Module 2 Experimental models for laboratory aging research
Module 3 Dietary intervention for anti-aging: dietary restriction
Module 4 Dietary intervention for anti-aging: gut microbiome
Module 5 Exercise and Aging
Module 6 Social interaction for anti-aging
Module 7 Anti-aging Compound and their Mechanisms of Actions
Module 8 Hypothermia therapy and anti-aging
Module 9 Environmental enrichment and anti-aging
Module 10 “Young Blood” Transfusion and anti-aging
Module 11 Clearing senescent cells for anti-aging
Module 12 Anti-aging gene therapy: advances and challenges
Module 13 Stem cell and anti-aging
Module 14 Modern biotechnology for potential anti-aging intervention
Module 15 Final Project

Learning Resources

  1. Topic articles will be placed on the course website. The information in these articles is coordinated with online lecture materials and serves as the required text for the course.
  2. Weekly discussion questions will stimulate critical thinking about issues relevant for that week’s topic.
  3. An on-line discussion will be available every week to address questions related to the lectures or other learning material.

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