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Biology of Aging

Course Description

This course will serve as an introduction to the biology of aging, focusing on the fundamental concepts of how we age that are common to most species, including rodents and humans.



Course Goals:

The goals of the course are two-fold: (1) to provide a foundation of the fundamental concepts and terminology of aging and age-related diseases; and (2) to promote critical thinking of the clinical consequences of aging and associated diseases.

Course Topics

Module Topic
Module 1 Defining Aging
Module 2 Biological Aging
Module 3 Physiology of Aging
Module 4 Interventions

Learning Resources

  1. Topic articles will be placed on the course website. The information in these articles is coordinated with online lecture materials and serves as the required text for the course.
  2. Weekly discussion questions will stimulate critical thinking about issues relevant for that week’s topic.
  3. An on-line discussion will be available every week to address questions related to the lectures or other learning material.

Library Access

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