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Healthy Aging I: Behavioral and Clinical Outcomes

Course Description

Behavior contributes significantly to health, well-being and longevity. An abundance of research supports numerous behavioral guidelines for health promotion in older adults, including: regular physical activity; the maintenance of appropriate weight; dietary intake of fruits, vegetables, and fiber, coupled with low consumption of saturated fats; moderate use of alcohol; and the ability to cope effectively with stress.



Course Topics

Module Topic
Module 1 Interventions to Improve Physical Function in Older Adults
Module 2 Interventions to Improve Cognitive Function in Older Adults
Module 3 Interventions to Reduce Chronic Pain in Older Adults

Learning Resources

  1. Topic articles will be placed on the course website. The information in these articles is coordinated with online lecture materials and serves as the required text for the course.
  2. Discussion questions will stimulate critical thinking about issues relevant to that week’s topic.

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