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Research Methods in Gerontology

Course Description

The goals of the course are to: (1) provide a foundation of the fundamental concepts related to research in aging and geriatric research, (2) develop an understanding of research methodologies commonly utilized to address aging-related research questions, and (3) to promote the ability to find and critically analyze research findings in this area.


Students must be registered students in good standing at the University of Florida. The course is open to individuals from all disciplines.

Course Topics

Module Topic
Module 1 Introduction to Aging and Geriatric Research
Module 2 Overview of the Research Process
Module 3 Critical Aspects of Research Design: Basic and pre-clinical science
Module 4 Basic models of aging research
Module 5 Pre-clinical models of aging research
Module 6 Transgenic models in aging research
Module 8 Critical aspects of Research Design: Clinical Science
Module 9 Cohort studies and cross-sectional designs
Module 10 Randomized controlled trials
Module 11 Community-based participatory research
Module 12 Key Topics in Aging Research: Sarcopenia
Module 13 Key Topics in Aging Research: Age-related Cognitive Decline
Module 14 Key Topics in Aging Research: Pain & Aging
Module 15 Final Project

Learning Resources

  1. Topic articles will be placed on the course website. The information in these articles is coordinated with online lecture materials and serves as the required text for the course.
  2. Other multimedia materials, e.g. videos, PowerPoint slides; will also be provided as appropriate for each module.

Library Access

Distance Education and UF Online Students enjoy the same library privileges as on-campus students.
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