Geriatric Care Management

  • GEY 6646 Issues and Concepts in Gerontology (Community Resources for Geriatric Care)
  • GEY 6220 Overview of Geriatric Care Management
  • GEY 6306 Communication in the Aging Network: Family Systems & Care Planning
  • GEY 5935 Ethical, Legal, and Business Aspects of GCM

What is geriatric care management?

Geriatric care management combines health, social, and psychological services within long-term care environments, fostering independence, and improving quality of life in aging adults. Working directly with the elderly and their families, professionals in this field coordinate care plans for patients across public and private resources, advocate for their clients’ wishes and help them stay independent for as long as possible.

What is the career outlook in geriatric care management?

The growing population of aging people continues to promote job growth in the fields of geriatrics and long-term care. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the career opportunities to grow by more than 35%. Approximately $400 million is spent per year in the home- and community-based care sector and as much as $2 billion per year for provisions of services in long-term care. The University of Florida offers an online master’s degree to meet the growing demand for geriatric care professionals.

Who can benefit from this program?

Students in the geriatric care management track will obtain the necessary knowledge to plan, implement, and tailor individual care for the elder population. The program does not require clinical experience. Courses are interactive, asynchronous, and flexible.

What will students learn?

The coursework combines gerontology, aging services, and community resources into a multidisciplinary study on improving the quality and length of life for aging people.

Courses include studies in:

  • Basic biology, psychology, and sociology of the aging process
  • Resources available for accommodating the needs of clients
  • Principles of case management
  • Care plan development and monitoring
  • Caregiver assessment
  • Issues involving age-related diseases
  • Orchestrating care plan communication between the elderly and their families
  • Ethical, legal, and business concerns in geriatric care management

The UF geriatric care management track is only available to master’s degree students. To earn the master’s degree, students must complete nine core courses and three specialty courses in their chosen specialization. If a graduate certificate student wishes to complete a specialty track, they are encouraged to later apply to the master’s degree program.

Note: Textbook required.