Specialty Tracks

The Master of Science in Medical Sciences with a concentration in Gerontology affords the opportunity to tailor your degree with one of three specialty tracks:

Geriatric Care Management: This specialty develops students into advocates who provide physical, social and psychological services to older adults. Students learn how to coordinate with caregivers to develop care plans, preparing them for careers in assisted living and in-home care.

Psychosocial Gerontology: This specialty explores the impact of mental health on the quality of elder life by teaching students to recognize the difference between normal cognitive aging and cognitive impairments. Upon graduating, students will be able to assess the mental health of older adults, develop care plans and coordinate treatment with a client’s family and caregivers.

Medical Physiology: This specialty provides students with a deeper understanding of geriatric medicine and a competitive edge in health-profession school and beyond. By focusing on each system of the human body, students will be better able to provide for the medical needs of older adults.

Specialty tracks are only available to master’s degree students. To earn an MS in gerontology, students must complete nine core courses and three specialty courses in their chosen specialization. Graduate certificate students interested in completing a specialty track are encouraged to apply and transfer credits toward the MS in gerontology.

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