Psychosocial Gerontology Track

The proportion of the world’s population over 60 years of age is expected to nearly double by 2050, from 12% to 22%. When you consider that over 20% of people in this age group suffer from a mental or neurological disorder, the need for neuropsychologists becomes apparent.

Older adults, in addition to going through common hardships, experience stressors unique to their age group. The risk of developing dementia or depression, for example, rises with age and can cause aging populations incredible anguish. Yet these conditions are treatable and not a normal part of aging. Older adults can have a positive experience as they age, especially if they have a mental health professional there to assist them.

The Psychosocial Gerontology track will train you to care for the mental health of aging adults. Through our program, you’ll learn to recognize the subtle differences between normal cognitive aging and geriatric-related diseases, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. This track will provide you with foundational knowledge of geropsychology and prepare you for psychological and managerial roles in the field of aging. 

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Course number Course title credits spring summer fall
GEY 6306 Interpersonal Communication in the Aging Network 3 X
GEY 5935 Topics in Gerontology 3 X
GEY 6646 Issues and Concepts in Gerontology 1 X
CLP 7934 Special Topics: Directed Reading-Neuropsychology of Aging 3 X X
GEY 6220 Overview of Geriatric Care Management 3 X –– ––