• What is the application fee?
    The application fee is $30 for master’s degree and graduate certificate applicants. There is no application fee for non-degree seeking students.
  • Do students need clinical experience?
    No clinical experience or campus visits are required.
  • Can I take individual courses without enrolling?
    Yes. Non-degree seeking students can enroll in up to 6 credit hours (two courses) in total. This is an excellent way to sample our course offerings without committing to a graduate program.
  • Do you require the TOEFL for international applicants?
    Yes. International applicants are required to submit their scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or another English language skills test approved by the Graduate Council. They must also submit official copies of transcripts and graduate credentials from each previously attended college or university. 
  • Are GRE scores required?
    No. GRE scores are not required for admission into our master’s degree or graduate certificate programs.
  • How do I register for courses?
    Log on to ONE.UF to access the Schedule of Courses, plan for your registration and access the registration system. Once registered, save a copy of your schedule. If you are unable to register, ensure that you have no holds on your record by looking at Registration Holds.

    Drop/add ends promptly at 11:59 p.m. on the final day of the drop/add period. To avoid the $100 late registration fee, register for at least one credit by 11:59 p.m. on the last business day before drop/add begins. Please visit the Office of the University Registrar for further details.
  • How can I obtain enrollment verification?
    You can request proof of enrollment from the National Student Clearinghouse, the official provider of enrollment and degree certifications for UF. Former students and alumni can also request this information via a transcript in ONE.UF.
  • How do I drop a course?
    To drop a course, log onto ONE.UF. Under Registration in the left-hand menu, click “Request to: Drop a Course(s)” and follow the instructions. Be sure to speak with an advisor before dropping a class. You can drop a course up until the drop deadline in the academic calendar. Please note that you will receive a grade of “W” on the transcript and are fee liable for the dropped course.
  • When can I expect to hear from UF regarding an admissions decision?
    These programs work on a rolling admissions basis, so there is no set date by which applicants are notified of their acceptance. How long it takes depends in part upon the volume of applications they are processing at any given point during the cycle. Applications are not usually reviewed until the semester prior as high numbers of applications require that those for the upcoming semester are prioritized over those applying further in advance. For example, a student applying for a fall semester would be reviewed the previous May/June at the earliest.

Program Details

  • How will this program help my career prospects?
    UF’s online graduate programs in aging will make you into a more qualified, skilled professional in the field of aging. By earning a graduate credential, you will be better able to capitalize on career opportunities or experience success in health-profession school and beyond.
  • Do the master’s degree programs require a thesis?
    No. The online MS in innovative aging studies program is a 30-credit-hour, non-thesis program. The online MS in medical physiology and aging program is a 30-credit-hour, non-thesis program.
  • How many credit hours are required to complete the program?
    The master’s degree in innovative aging studies and the master’s degree in medical physiology and aging require 30 credit hours to complete, while the graduate certificate program requires 15 credit hours to complete.
  • How quickly can students complete the program?
    Our MS in innovative aging studies and MS in medical physiology and aging programs can both be completed in as little as three semesters or one year. However, master’s degree students can take their time and enroll in one course per semester. Graduate certificate students can complete the program in as little as one year, over the course of two semesters, but they will have up to five semesters to complete the program. 
  • How many credits should I take per semester?
    The pace at which you progress through our program is entirely up to you. A full course load is considered two courses per semester. However, you can take one course per semester, if preferable. Plan on committing 9-12 hours per week for each 3-credit-hour class.
  • How do I log into courses?
    You can access online courses by visiting the e-learning website, selecting “Log in to e-Learning” and entering your GatorLink username and password. After logging in, you’ll be able to access your courses under “Courses & Groups” at the top of the screen.

    Courses will be unavailable until the start date listed in the course registration materials. Even then, some course content will not be immediately available to you. Instructors may open and close access to lessons according to the schedule posted in the course syllabus.
  • What is the procedure to graduate?
    To be considered for a degree, all students must complete an online degree application in ONE.UF by the appropriate deadline. Students must apply in the term in which they expect to graduate, regardless of any applications in previous terms. All requirements for the degree must be completed as of the date of certification.

Tuition and Benefits

  • What financial aid options are available?
    Master’s degree students are eligible for financial aid. To apply for financial aid, master’s degree students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) using the UF Federal School Code (001535) at their earliest convenience. Please refer to the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships for more information.

    Graduate certificate and non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid but may be eligible for private loans.
  • Can I apply my veteran or military benefits toward tuition?
    Yes. Active-duty military interested in using tuition assistance benefits should contact their base education office and UF Student Veteran Services at vacounselor@ufl.edu or 352-294-2948. Please refer to the Office of Student Veteran Services for more information.
  • How do I make a payment?
    UF offers several payment options. You can pay by electronic check (e-check), credit card or international payment via Western Union by logging into ONE.UF, selecting the Campus Finances (Bursar) card > Make a Payment. To pay by mail, you can mail a personal check, cashier’s check or money order made payable to “University of Florida” to:

    S113 Criser Hall
    P.O. Box 114050
    Gainesville, FL 32611-4050

    Be sure to include your name, UFID, local address and local telephone number when making a payment by mail. Please visit the Payment Options page on the UF Finance and Accounting website for additional details.

Student Services

  • What is your online learning platform?
    Courses are delivered through Canvas. For more information and to log into Canvas, visit the e-Learning website. Canvas tutorials can be found on the left-hand menu of the e-Learning login page.
  • How can I find my UFID?
    To obtain your UFID using your GatorLink ID and password, visit the Identity Services website. You can also contact the Computing Help Desk at helpdesk@ufl.edu or 352-392-HELP (4357) for assistance.
  • What online services are available to students?
    Online students have access to the same support services as on-campus students, including technical assistance and academic advising. Online students can receive technical assistance by contacting the Computing Help Desk at helpdesk@ufl.edu or 352-392-HELP (4357). They also enjoy the same library privileges as on-campus students. Visit UF Online for a full list of resources available to distance learners.
  • Does UF offer technical support for online students?
    Yes. You can contact the Computing Help Desk for technical assistance. You will need your GatorLink ID. You can access the Help Desk by logging into the e-Learning website. The Help Desk can be reached seven days a week (hours may vary, and they are closed on holidays). Website: http://helpdesk.ufl.edu/  Email: helpdesk@ufl.edu Phone: 352-392-HELP (4357)
  • Do online students have access to the UF library?
    Yes. Students in our online program enjoy the same library privileges as on-campus students. Click here to access the University of Florida library system. 
  • How can I access my transcripts?
    Current and former students can access their unofficial transcripts by clicking here. Unofficial transcripts are available for immediate review, which will allow students to screenshot and print. Before placing an order for your official transcript, please review your unofficial transcript to verify that your most recent grades, grade changes, degree remarks, etc. are posted.

    Official transcripts can be ordered through ONE.UF. Once you’ve begun, continue your order until you receive an order number. Your order is not finalized until you click “Finish.“ Please note that UF transcripts cannot be released until all UF obligations are satisfied. 

    Transcripts cost $6.00 each for current students and $10.00 each for former students who have not been enrolled for at least two terms. Honorably discharged veterans and active-duty military members and their spouses and dependents are eligible for a waiver of the transcript fee. To receive the waiver, students should:
    • Initiate their official transcript order in ONE.UF.
    • Close the order screen without submitting payment information. 
    • Contact Student Veteran Services at vacounselor@ufl.edu
  • Are accommodations made for students with disabilities? 
    Yes. Students may request disability-related accommodations by contacting their instructor and the Disability Resource Center (DRC). In order to receive academic accommodations, students must request that individual accommodation letters be sent each semester to the instructors of each course. For more information, visit the DRC’s Accommodation Letters page. Students can also schedule learning specialist appointments on the DRC Appointments page.
  • How can I change my name in UF’s system?
    When designated by a student, UF will use a chosen name in all university documents and systems where possible, except where use of the legal name is required by university business or there is a legal need. To change your chosen name:
    • Log onto ONE.UF.
    • Click on the Verify Contact Info link.
    • Click on the EDIT link in the Name section.
    • Enter the desired name in the Display Name section.
    • Repeat the above steps to change Directory Name field in the university directory.

      To request a change to your legal name or gender:
    • Complete the Name and/or Gender Change Form.
    • Provide an updated copy of your Social Security card (name change only).
    • Submit your request to UFHR by online portal (name change only).

Technical Requirements

  • What internet browser will students need to take online courses?
    UF e-Learning in Canvas supports the last two versions of every browser release. Please visit the Canvas Supported Browsers page for more information.

    Some supported browsers may still produce a banner stating, “Your browser does not meet the minimum requirements for Canvas.” If you have upgraded your browser but still see the warning banner, try logging out of Canvas and deleting your browser cookies. Please contact the UF Computing Help Desk at helpdesk@ufl.edu or 352-392-HELP (4357) if you need assistance.
  • What are the computer requirements?
    Online students will access coursework, academic advising, registration, correspondence and other services via their computers. They are expected to acquire computer hardware and software appropriate to their degree program. UF recommends:
    • Processor: Current generation Intel Core Series (i3, i5, i7, i9) or AMD Ryzen equivalent
    • Memory: 8GB of RAM or more
    • Storage: 256GB hard drive or larger
    • Webcam, microphone and speakers
    • Wi-Fi or Network (Ethernet) Adapter Card for Broadband — 100/1000Mbps
    • Broadband internet connection
    • Operating System: Windows 10* or Mac OS X

      *Windows 10 Home Basic is not recommended.

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